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EM22: "Alcala" Vascular Risk Study in the province of Cádiz

Provincial research group.

It brings together healthcare professionals from the three Management Areas. Multidisciplinary group with the presence of nurses, pharmacists and primary care, midwives, family doctors of primary care and emergencies and hospital physicians of clinical analysis and internal medicine.

Research objectives on vascular risk in the province of Cádiz, currently with lines of research focused on the study of the situation of diabetes.

Principal Investigator
Co-Principal Investigator
Lines of research
  • “Cádiz Diabetes Database” Line: Data of patients with diabetes treated in the SSP of the province from 2014 onwards have been recovered. Based on collecting demographic data, drug consumption and data from determinations made in clinical laboratories. It allows us to know the situation of the population with diabetes and its evolution. Now it will be expanded with the data on hypoglycemia treated (final project of family doctor residency for 2021) and with data from the retinographies performed. 3 publications and one in editorial process. 4 more posts in progress. The application of data engineering techniques would allow us to establish alliances with other groups for the development of this line.
  • “Adherence and Persistence” Line: Coupled with the previous Line, the collection of data on the consumption of drugs used for diabetes, allows us to establish a new line for the evaluation of Adherence and Persistence to said medication. In addition, the special mechanism of action of some of the families of hypoglycemic drugs allows us a novel approach to assess adherence to these types of drugs. The application of AI techniques or "machine learning" and the development of electronic devices to combat lack of adherence, would allow us alliances with other groups to implement our studies in daily clinical practice.
  • “Protein glycation” Line: The presence of glucose in body fluids leads to the glycation of proteins. Glycohemoglobin A1c is the most widely used, but so far few studies have been carried out to investigate the effect that certain parameters such as age, sex, presence of anemia, alteration of erythrocyte indices or presence of kidney disease have on their values.
    • We also propose the study of glycated albumin as a new glycemic marker and of the labile forms of both, hemoglobin and albumin, as a reflection of a time period different from that of their stable forms.
    • A mathematical model of Hb glycation has already been developed in collaboration with the Departments of Mathematics of the UCA and the UCLM. It is now in the phase of clinical application, on the one hand, and on the other, its extension to include other glycated proteins, until it forms what we have called the "Glycation Profile". Although there are already working alliances for this line, we are in talks to expand them in the way of determining the different glycated proteins.
  • "Gestational Diabetes Mellitus" Line: Until now focused on the AGS Campo de Gibraltar. Different projects have been developed for:
    • Know the prevalence of GDM in our area.
    • Develop a research project on mathematical models that allow their early diagnosis using the usual determinations together with glycated proteins.
    • An innovative process is being designed to assess and act on the impact of the presence of GDM during pregnancy on the health of women after their pregnancy.
    • These projects have become the Final Residency Projects of the 2019 and 2020 promotions of family doctors in our AGS, in addition the project on early diagnosis has been submitted to the permanent call for research projects in Primary Care.
Principal Investigator
Alfredo Michán Doña
Head of the Internal Medicine Service of the University Hospital of Jerez. Director of the UGC of Internal Medicine-Dermatology of the Northern Cádiz Health Management Area. Associate Professor Health Sciences.
Co-Principal Investigator
José Escribano Serrano
EBAP family doctor. Primary Care: UGC San Roque. AGS Campo Gibraltar.
Team members
  • Principal Investigators:
    • Alfredo Michán Doña (PI).
    • José Escribano Serrano (Co-PI).
  • Primary health care (PHC):
    • Lourdes García Domínguez.
    • Juan Antonio Gómez Canto.
    • Antonio Zarallo Pérez.
    • Milagros Pérez López.
    • José Antonio Rosano Macías.
    • Marina Pérez Crespo.
  • PHC Pharmacy:
    • Carolina Payá Giner.
    • María Isabel Méndez Esteban.
    • Manuela Márquez Ferrando.
    • Antonio García Bonilla.
  • PHC Midwives:
    • Lilian de Cozar Perea.
    • Ana Pureza Jiménez Gómez.
    • Estefanía Bueno Montero.
    • María Jesús Espejo del Manzano.
  • Clinical Analysis:
    • Cristina Casto Jarillo.
    • Enrique Jiménez Varo.
    • Enrique Berruguilla Pérez.
    • María Mercedes Calero Pérez.
    • María Luisa González Borrachero.
  • Internal medicine:
    • Carmen Bocanegra Muñoz.
    • Daniel Marín Dueñas.
    • Patricia Rubio rín.
Regional Calls
  • Fundación Progreso Y Salud.Área Sanitaria Campo De Gibraltar Este. PI: Jose Escribano Serrano. AP-0236-2019. Predicción De La Diabetes Gestacional Mediante Un Modelo Multivariante Durante El Primner Trimestre De la Gestación.
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2019 Publications
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2018 Publications
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2016 Publications
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