About Us

The Biomedical Research and Innovation Institute of Cadiz (INiBICA) was created on the 2nd December 2016 by an agreement entered by the Department of Health of the Junta de Andalucía, the Department of Economy and Knowledge of the Junta de Andalucía, the Andalusian Health Service, the University of Cadiz and FCADIZ (Foundation for the Management of Biomedical Research in Cadiz).

INiBICA mainly integrates the University Hospital Puerta del Mar (Cadiz) and the University of Cadiz, which have a pivotal role in INiBICA, along with all the centres (both primary care and hospital care centres) of the Public Health System in the province of Cadiz.

It supports research and innovation in the province of Cadiz through a multi-institutional and interdisciplinary collaborative structure, where basic, clinical and public health research are developed and integrated seamlessly. It gives priority to translational research with the ultimate goal of improving the health of citizens. INiBICA also establishes as its objectives to promote the training of researches, to efficiently use the infrastructures and resources available for research, to ensure the quality, ethics and deontological principles of research and, eventually, to communicate and disseminate its activities to society, the scientific community, the health system and the economic system.


INiBICA’s vision is to be a leading centre for biomedical researches, generating knowledge and judgement in the different interdisciplinary fields covered by the Institute in order to help improve human health in all its aspects.


INiBICA is strongly committed to developing “high quality, global, multidisciplinary and integrated lines of biomedical research, by means of the collaboration between researchers and basic and clinical teams who work close to the reality of care and clinical settings, using a problem-solving approach”.


INiBICA’s mission is to design, develop and transfer to society the appropriate technical and conceptual tools to solve the main biomedical problems demanded by society in general.

Research, Development and Innovation Policy

INiBICA was created with a desire to provide a specialised offer of scientific-technological services able to respond to the needs of society within its scope, with a vocation to expand the services offered to the national and international community, using the development of its activity to modify the productive model in the province of Cadiz, by the creation of Biomedicine-related companies or by the attraction of companies already existing in other territories. This policy further develops both the transfer potential and the training potential of INiBICA.