The INiBICA cell culture unit has biological safety cabinets, incubators, as well as the basic equipment necessary for the realization, maintenance and conservation of cultures. The room is divided into two rooms to separate the obtaining of primary cultures (human or of animal origin) from cultures with already established cell lines.

  • Research Unit of the Puerta del Mar University Hospital:
    • GentleMACS Octo tissue dissociation station with heaters (Miltenyi Biotec).
    • Single Cell Isolation Device Qiascout (Qiagen).
    • Biological safety cabinet Mini-H (Telstar).
    • Biological safety cabinet TWO30 (Telstar).
    • 2 Laminar flow cabinets 50546/1 (MHD).
    • Biological safety cabinet BioIIA (Telstar).
    • Biological safety cabinet BH-EN-2004 (Faster).
    • Laminar flow cabinet S2010 1.2 (Holten).
    • Incubator CO2 Galaxy 170 S (New Brunswick).
    • 2 Incubators CO2 Hera cell 150 (Thermo science).
    • 2 Refrigerated centrifuge, 5810R (EPPENDORF).
    • 2 Containers of liquid Nitrogen.
    • Freezers -80°C.
  • SC-IBM:
    • Heraeus Lamin Air HB2448 laminar flow hoods.
    • Forma Series II Water jacket Thermo incubator.
    • Liquid Nitrogen Containers GT100, GT38, TR21 and TR38.

The Cell and Tissue Cultures unit makes available to users the necessary infrastructure both for the cultivation of cell lines and animal and human tissues.

  • Determination of mycoplasma DNA in cell culture supernatants and biological fluids, according to the European Pharmacopoeia.
  • Determination of endotoxins in cell cultures, media and reagents, according to the European Pharmacopoeia.