Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) are defined as a set of recommendations based on a systematic review of the evidence and on the evaluation of the risks and benefits of different clinical alternatives, with the aim of optimizing patient care.

As a result of the collaborations between the INiBICA-FCADIZ research staff and the different interest groups in the regional and national health field, consensus documents have emerged that can take the form of guidelines, recommendations or clinical protocols, which are made available to citizens and the scientific community.

Title Endorsed by INiBICA Group/FCADIZ Service ISBN/DOI
Usefulness of lung ultrasound in the diagnosis and follow-up of neonatal respiratory pathology (2022) Spanish Association of Pediatrics CO20, UGC Neonatology HUPM 10.1016/j.anpede.2022.01.002
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Manual in Pulmonology, 3rd Edition (2022) Neumosur UGC Pulmonology and Allergy HUJ 978-84-16270-89-7
Antibiotic Therapy Guide (2021) PROAMAR CO13, UGC Microbiology and UGC Pharmacy HUPM 978-84-09-36359-9
Clinical guideline for patient care with Long COVID/Persistent COVID (2021) Long Covid ACTS y SEMG EM14 978-84-18576-44-0
Diabetes mellitus: integrated care process, 3rd Edition (2018) Junta de Andalucía - Ministry of Health CO17, UGC Endocrinology and Nutrition HUPM 978-84-947313-7-2
Information guide for patients with spasmodic dysphonia, 2nd Edition (2017) AESDE EM6, ORL, Rehabilitation and Neurology HUPM, Primary Care CSPS 978-84-1719-23-0
Spasmodic dysphonia information guide for healthcare professionals, 2nd Edition (2017) AESDE EM6, ORL, Rehabilitation and Neurology HUPM, Primary Care CSPS 978-84-17519-24-7