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This multidisciplinary research group includes members from the Andalusian Health Service (neurology, rehabilitation and radiodiagnosis from University Hospital "Puerta del Mar"), and members from the Psychology School (neuropsychology, experimental and clinical psychology) and the Technical School of Computer Engineering (ESI) from the University of Cadiz. This is the only research group from INiBICA and the University of Cadiz with members accredited as general health psychologists specialized in clinical neuropsychology and clinical psychology. This multidisciplinary team approaches both neurological and psychological pathologies at clinical and experimental levels using the latest technologies including artificial intelligence (machine learning, computer vision), virtual reality, neuroimaging, EEG and brain computer interfaces (BCI). The NEUROTEK LAB group has extensive research capacity and experience in medicine and psychology in the aerospace and industrial sectors.

Principal investigator
  • Gabriel G. De la Torre
  • e-mail:
  • ORCID: 0000-0001-8636-5956
Lines of research
  • Cognitive neuroscience
    • Study of higher mental and cognitive functions such as attention, language, memory, etc. from the perspective of neuroscience and neuropsychology at both clinical and experimental levels using neuroimaging techniques, signal recording, new technologies, etc.
  • Neuropsychology
    • Evaluation and rehabilitation of brain and neurological damage. Study of cognitive, behavioural and emotional functions in neurologically healthy and impaired brain, as well as other diseases with psychological and neuropsychological affectation. Validation of psychological tests, clinical trials and efficacy testing of drugs for neurological diseases and application of engineering techniques to health: computer science, ergonomics, etc.
  • Human factor and technologies applied to health
    • Aerospace, occupational and industrial medicine and psychology. Adaptation of new technologies: robotics, artificial intelligence and virtual reality to the health sector.
Key words
Neuropsychology brain damage human factor neuroimaging virtual reality clinical trials cognitive neuroscience
Investigador responsable
Gabriel G. De la Torre
  • Acting Dean at the Faculty of Education. Professor in psychology. University of Cadiz
  • e-mail:
  • ORCID: 0000-0001-8636-5956
Team members
  • CARMEN GONZÁLEZ FERRERAS (University of Cadiz)
  • VERÓNICA HIDALGO HERNÁNDEZ (University of Cadiz)
  • AMAYA ZUAZO OJEDA (University Hospital "Puerta del Mar")
  • MARIA ALARCON MANOJA (University Hospital "Puerta del Mar")
  • DANIEL GONZALEZ MANJÓN (University of Cadiz)
  • MACARENA GONZÁLEZ PRIAM (University Hospital "Puerta del Mar")
  • RAFAEL GUTIERREZ CANTERO (University Hospital "Puerta del Mar")
  • IVAN RUIZ RUBE (Technical School of Engineering,, University of Cadiz)
  • JOSE MIGUEL MOTA MACIAS (Technical School of Engineering,, University of Cadiz)
  • RAUL ESPINOSA GROSSO (University Hospital "Puerta del Mar")
Convocatorias Nacionales
  1. Spanish programme for the promotion of excellence in scientific and technical research, and Knowledge Generation subprogramme, within the context of the "Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica y Técnica y de Innovación" (Spanish Ministry of Economy and Business Affairs). Reference: ESP2017-89803-P. Principal Investigator: Gabriel González de la Torre Benítez. Adaptation, resilience and emotional/social processes in analogous space environments of isolation, confinement and extreme environment.  
  2. NASA Specialized Center of Research (NSCOR) for Evaluating Risk Factors and Biomarkers for Adaptation and Resilience to Spaceflight: NASA Program Announcement Number: NNJ16ZSA001NFLAGSHIP1. IP: Gabriel González de la Torre Benítez. Emotional Valence and Social Processes in ICC/ICE Environments
  3. Retos-Colaboración, State Programme for R+D+i Oriented to the Challenges of Society, Spanish Ministry of Economy and Business Affairs (Ref. 2016039 / PN / PERETOSCOLAB / PR). RTC-2016-5095-1 (Collaboration). Individualized and customized healthcare system oriented to prevention, pre-assistance and self-management of health (Em-Phasys).
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