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CO16: Genetics, Epigenetics and Transcription in Brain Diseases

This research group is specialized in rare diseases associated with the central nervous system (such as brain cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and intellectual disability), with emphasis on the description of biomarkers and pathological mechanisms based on transcriptional and epigenetic deregulation.

Principal investigator
  • Luis Miguel Valor Becerra
  • e-mail:
  • ORCID:
Lines of research

The group is interested in studying the phenomena at cell nucleus level in brain diseases and their possible applicability in practice. Such phenomena include:

  • Transcriptional changes: alterations in the levels of mRNA and non-coding RNA, and the associated activity of transcription factors and chromal remodeling.
  • Epigenetic changes: alterations in the covalent modifications of histones and DNA.
  • Changes in nuclear architecture: alterations in the 3D conformation of the chromana and the spatial distribution of nuclear components (DNA, RNA, transcriptional and epigenetic factors, cytoskeleton proteins, cell membrane and nuclear bodies).

To this end, the research group is taking a multi-disciplinary approach:

  • Monitoring of patients and formulation of proposals for the improvement of clinical intervention and therapeutic advice.
  • Molecular and cellular biology.
  • Use of omic technologies and bioinformatics analysis.
  • Molecular and behavioural study in genetically modified mice.
  • Commitment to the progressive introduction of novel techniques (3C or chromane-forming capture, CRISPR/Cas-based mutagenesis, exosome manipulation, etc).

This group's lines of research are the following:

  1. Dilution of cell nucleus mechanisms and biomarkers in gliomas. Gliomas are among the most common primary brain cancers and are often very aggressive. Due to their high heterogeneity, it is difficult to diagnose and design effective therapies, since the molecular characteristics of each tumour may impact on the response to commonly used treatments. This research group works on the identification of epigenic and nuclear alterations with predictive value in the therapeutic response and survival of the patient, in order to refine the current classification of gliomas and glioblastomas and decipher the molecular mechanisms of tumirogenesis in the brain.
  2. Dilution of mechanisms and biomarkers of the cell nucleus in trinucleodal neurodegenerative diseases. The extensive catalogue of rare diseases includes trinucleodal neurodegenerative diseases caused by the aberrant repeat expansion sequence of tandem triplet repeats in very specific genes: HTT in Hunngton's disease (HD), FRM1 in Fragile X-associated Tremor/Ataxias Syndrome (FXTAS), FXN in Friedrich's Ataxia, ataxins in various spinocerebellar ataxias, etc. The research group is currently trying to identify biomarkers in the peripheral blood of these patients, incorporating the spatial information to the transcriptomic and genomic analysis, as well as establishing relationships with phenol and molecular alterations at the brain level in animal models.
  3. Studies in intellectual disability (ID). Recently it has been described that intellectual disability of monogenic origin is associated with mutations in a significant number of chromana-epigenetic regulatory factors, demonstrating the importance of epigenetic regulation in neurodevelopment. This line of research requires more resources in order to implement functional tests to evaluate the pathogenicity of the mutations found in patients in the University Hospital "Puerta del Mar".
Key words
gliomas trinucleodes neurodegeneration epigenetics gene expression omics
Principal investigator

Luis Miguel Valor Becerra
  • Hospital.
  • e-mail:
  • ORCID:
  • Scopus Author ID: 6602107047
Team members
  • Luis Miguel Valor Becerra
  • Irati Hervás Corpión
  • José Luis Gil Salú
  • Irene Iglesias Lozano
  • Francisco Rodríguez Peña
  • Inmaculada Catalina Fernández
  • Mª. Rosario Marín Iglesias
  • Myriam Macarena Ley Martos
  • Mónica Saldaña Valderas
  • Alberto de los Santos Moreno
  • Mª. Felicidad Rodríguez Sánchez
National Funding Calls
  1. Instituto Nacional de Salud Carlos III, Strategic Action in Health 2017-2020. 2019. PI19/00125. Principal Investigator: Luis Miguel Valor Becerra. Cell-specific biomarkers in peripheral fluids of trinucleotide diseases.
  2. Instituto Nacional de Salud Carlos III, Strategic Action in Health. 2016. PI16/00722. Principal Investigator: Luis Miguel Valor Becerra. Biomarkers and cell nucleus targets in trinucleotide neurodegenerative diseases.
  3. Instituto Nacional de Salud Carlos III, Strategic Action in Health. 2015. CP15/00180. Principal Investigator: Luis Miguel Valor Becerra. Molecular heterogeneity in different brain diseases: studies of Huntington's disease, Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome and glioblastomas.
Regional Funding Calls
  1. Department of Health and Family of the Junta de Andalucia. PIN-0191-2018. Principal Investigator: Irene Iglesias Lozano. Incorporation of neuropsychologist to the multidisciplinary team in surgery on awake patients.
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