Why collaborate with INiBICA?

Because our research would not be possible without the support we receive from companies, institutions and citizens, given the economic effort involved in developing new therapies and technology, as well as improving current clinical treatments and protocols for patients. Economic contributions offer our researchers new ways of financing to pay for the necessary material for their projects, hire technical-research staff and carry out training and dissemination activities. All with a positive impact on the province of Cádiz.

Who manages the economic contributions?

The Foundation for the Management of Biomedical Research of Cádiz (FCADIZ), as a non-profit entity, subject to Law 49/2002, of December 23, on the tax regime of non-profit entities and tax incentives for patronage, manages all the contributions made for the research of the Cádiz Biomedical Research and Innovation Institute (INiBICA).

How to donate?

The economic contribution, which can come not only from the citizen, but also from companies or institutions committed to biomedical research and innovation, can be managed using the following forms:

Business Collaboration

Citizen Collaboration