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EM26: Pathobiology

Interdisciplinary team made up of medical experts in histology and tissue engineering, condensed matter physicists, experts in nanostructured materials, expert engineers in simulation systems, as well as oral surgeons. LINE OF WORK: the design and characterization of new materials using sol gel methodology for their clinical application favoring bone regeneration through the implementation of techniques to create a product (biomaterial) that induces the formation of bone tissue and therefore osseointegration by solving a clinical requirement such as bone defects and thus recovering the functionality of the affected area, thus integrating into the field of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. In short, it is a novel line in the province of Cádiz as it combines biomedicine, materials science, clinics, and computer simulation, which as a whole implies a translational research capacity to solve clinical problems.

Principal Investigator
Lines of research
  • Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine: Biomaterials and Osseointegration.
  • Basic research applied in cell proliferation and death, directed in the last 10 years to Bone Tissue Engineering, through in vitro studies, with clinical translational potential.
Principal Investigator
Mercedes Salido Peracaula
Team members
  • Principal Investigators:
    • Mercedes Salido Peracaula (PI).
  • Investigators:
    • José Vilches Troya.
    • Antonio López Muñoz.
    • Emilio de la Orden Mellado.
    • José Ignacio Vilches Pérez.
    • Rafael Fernández Montesinos.
    • Manuel Piñero de los Ríos.
Regional Calls
  • Iniciativa Territorial Integrada (ITI) 2014-2020 para la provincia de Cádiz, por la Consejería de Salud y por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional PI-0013-2017. PI: Mercedes Salido Peracaula. Desarrollo de scaffolds poliméricos mediante tecnología sol-­‐gel para Ingeniería Tisular Ósea.
2016 Publications
  1. Authors: Salido-­‐Peracaula, Mercedes; Vilches-­‐Troya, Jose Title: Intracellular ion patterns of apoptosis resistance in transdifferentiated androgen-­‐dependent prostatic carcinoma cells. Journal: Microscopy and Microanalysis. Year, volume, first and last pages: 2016, 22: 865-­‐877. Impact factor: 1.891. Quartile/Decile in the year of publication: Q2.
2014 Publications
  1. Authors: Terriza A, Vilches-­‐Pérez, JI; Gonzalez JL, De La Orden E, Yubero F; Barranco A; Rodríguez A; Vilches-­‐Troya, J; Salido Mercedes. Title: Osteoblasts Interaction with PLGA Membranes Functionalized with Titanium Film Nanolayer by PECVD. In vitro Assessment of Surface Influence on Cell Adhesion during Initial Cell to Material Interaction. Journal: Materials. Year, volume, first and last pages 2014, 2: 1687-­‐1707. Impact factor: 2.651. Quartile/Decile in the year of publication: Q1 JCR.
  2. Authors: Terriza A; Vilches-­‐Perez, JI.; De La Orden E; Yubero F, Gonzalez JL, González-­‐Elipe, Agustin R.; Vilches J; Salido M. Title: Osteoconductive Potential of Barrier NanoSiO2 PLGA Membranes Functionalized by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition. Journal: BioMed Research International. Year, volume, first and last pages: 2014: ID 253590, 10 pgs. Impact factor 1.579. Quartile/Decile in the year of publication Q2 JCR. Q1 SJR.