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The European Commission (EC) launched in 2004 the EURAXESS portal, a network that supports the development of research staff and their mobility in the European Research Area. EURAXESS actively contributes to improving the working conditions of researchers by helping research and innovation institutions to implement the principles of the European Charter and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers(Charter & Code, C&C), through theHuman Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R).

HRS4R should be understood as a tool to encourage scientific institutions to take concrete steps to improve the working conditions of research staff across Europe. The EC awards the "HR Excellence in Research" label to institutions that work to adapt their human resources policies to the 40 C&C principles, based on a customized strategy.

The Foundation for Biomedical Research Management of Cádiz (FCÁDIZ), as Management Entity of INiBICA and in line with the Strategic Plan 2021-2025 and Human Resources Plan 2023-2025, recognizes the importance of providing a suitable framework in which research staff can move and promote a quality career in Cádiz and contribute to the development and consolidation of the European Research Area. Our entity subscribed to the C&C on September 21, 2022 and applied for the "Excellence in Human Resources in Research" seal on July 31, 2023.

The documents generated in the application by FCÁDIZ can be consulted below:

Summary of the process for obtaining the HR Excellence in Research seal
Human Resources Strategy  
  1. Previous phase. The European Commission, through EURAXESS, has implemented a computer application to send the Documentation to the '"EURAXESS Rights Team" for which previously the mail was used and which is maintained as a consultation mail. To access the application, the user must be configured at intranet EURAXESS.
  2. Initial phase (joining the C&C). The management of the center initiates the process by sending a letter of intent to the European Commission, notifying the "EURAXESS Rights Team" at E-mail:
  3. Implementation phase. The European Commission has created two documents (Template 1 and Template 2) to work on the Gap Analysis and Action Plan. The organization must identify the gaps between its practices for the 40 principles of the C&C and establish an actionplan in a participatory manner. Within 12 months of notification of adherence to the C&C and willingness to implement HRS4R, a plan must be submitted to the EC( for the first assessment. Both documents will be posted on the institution's website, in a visible place.
  4. Initial assessment. The EC establishes an external advisory panel to review the Gap Analysis and Action Plan. Each application is evaluated by three external experts using Template A. Subsequently, the responsible evaluator will complete Template B, which is sent to the entity. The three types of assessment can be: 
    • Accepted: The organization has the criteria and gets the logo, which has to be published on the website.
    • Accepted pending minor corrections: The organization can publish the logo but has to work on the suggested modifications, ideally within one month.
    • Declined pending relevant changes: The project needs to be reworked and forwarded to the following year.
  5. Interim evaluation. Two years after the seal has been achieved, the interim evaluation takes place, with two fundamental aspects:
    • Internal review for the organization of how the strategy has been implemented. Template 3 must be completed.
    • External evaluation by the EC's external experts based on the internal review.
  6. Phase of the seal renewal. Five years after achieving the seal and three years after the Interim Evaluation, organizations must submit the internal review of the Action Plan with Template 3. This review will be evaluated by a panel of EC reviewers who will subsequently visit the institution. If the assessment is rejected, the organization may resubmit the Action Plan after at least two years, based on a review of the Gap Analysis and Action Plan. It will then be reviewed and audited again "in situ". The experts will use Template C to assess the organization.
  7. Continuous improvement. Organizations that are well evaluated have to repeat the internal review after three years, with the same format as point 4.
I Equality and Diversity Plan FCÁDIZ - INiBICA

The I Equality and Diversity Plan FCÁDIZ-INiBICA applies to the staff of the Foundation for the Management of Biomedical Research of Cádiz (FCÁDIZ), as Management Entity of INiBICA. The I Equality and Diversity Plan contemplates the principle of equal opportunities from the selection of personnel to promotion, adequate training, working conditions and employment, occupational health surveillance, adequate organization of working time and conciliation, prevention and action against sexual harassment and for reasons of sex, as well as the non-discriminatory use of language in communication and advertising as principles of application in FCÁDIZ.

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