Genomics Units

Genomics Units

The main objective of INiBICA's Genomics Unit is to provide researchers with state-of-the-art equipment, thus promoting high-quality research for the development of outstanding translational biomedical researches.

We provide scientific and technical advice for the development of new methods of analysis in RNA expression, DNA variability and characterization of gene function. This unit provides the necessary tools for all phases of genomic analysis, from sample preparation to analysis and data delivery to researchers.



    • Thermal cycler: GENEAMP PCR System 2700 (Applied Byosystems)
    • Real-time quantitative PCR: ROTOR-GENE 6000 (Corbett)
    • PCR cuantitativa en tiempo real CFX Connect (Biorad)
    • Real-time quantitative PCR: CFX Connect (Biorad)
    • Molecular imager: FX (BIORAD)
    • Electrophoresis power supply: PowerPac Basic (Biorad)
    • Electrophoresis cell: SEQ-3341 (SCIE-PLAS)
    • Electrophoresis cell: DNA SUBCELL (BIORAD)


    • Digital PCR: (QX200 Digital PCR Reader. Droplet generator. Plate sealer. C1000 Deep Well Thermocycler) Biorad.
    • Real-time thermal cycler: iCycler Biorad.
    • Vertical electrophoresis cell: Mini-Protean Biorad Tetra System.
    • Horizontal electrophoresis cell: big size and small size.
    • Thermo shaker: TS-100C Biosan.
    • Power supply: Hoefer EPS2A200.
    • Power supply: PowerPac Basic Biorad.
    • Mini Gel-Caster Biorad.
  • Obtaining nucleic acids from different biological samples.
  • Conventional PCR, amplification by single, multiple or nested PCR.
  • PCR-RFLP analysis with restriction enzymes.
  • Real-time PCR.
  • Studies of absolute or relative quantification of gene expression.
  • Allelic discrimination studies using TaqMan probes.
  • Determination of variations in the number of genomic copies.
  • Genotyping of SNPs.
  • Massive NGS sequencing.
  • Extraction.
  • Purification.
  • Quantitation.
  • Oligonucleotide design and optimization of PCR conditions.
  • Reading of results by electrophoresis in agarose gels.
  • Use (without technician) of equipment (only for internal users properly trained in the use of the equipment).
  • Use (with a technician) according to the needs of the researcher.




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