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IN42: Serious infections, sepsis and systemic and cerebral inflammatory response

Clinical studies on the inflammatory response and biological markers in severe infections in critically ill patients.

Principal Investigator
Lines of research
  • Severe infections.
  • Pneumonia.
  • Bacteremia.
  • Sepsis.
  • Infection prevention and control in the ICU.
  • Diagnosis of serious infections.
  • Diagnostic biomarkers.
  • Response to antimicrobial therapy.
Infections in the critical patient Pneumonia Bacteremias Sepsis Inflammatory answer
Principal Investigator
Rafael Sierra Camerino
Medical specialist in Intensive Medicine Puerta del MAr University Hospital, Cádiz. Associate Professor of Health Sciences-Medicine University of Cádiz.
Team members
  • Principal Investigators:
    • Rafael Sierra Camerino (PI).
  • Investigators:
    • Antonio Gordillo Brenes.
    • Mikel Celaya López.
    • Ángel Sánchez Rodríguez.
2018 Publications
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2017 Publications
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2016 Publications
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2015 Publications
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2014 Publications
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