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IN5: Mental Health Associated Research Group
Principal Investigator
Co-Principal Investigator
Lines of research
  • "Self-harm in young people and adolescents and types of attachment" (2018) that we have subsequently modified due to its operability by "Self-injury in young people and adolescents and alexithymia". The aim is to establish a correlation between this type of behavior that is increasingly frequent in young people and adolescents and the mental structure of Alexithymia. Assess whether a structure of this type is present in these patients.
  • “Cognitive vulnerability to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in childhood and adolescence: dysfunctional beliefs”, approved by the Research Ethics Committee of the Puerta del Mar University Hospital in 2016. Ongoing The aim is to assess how the presence of OCD in children and adolescents in the belief and thought system.
Self harm Youth and adolescents Alexithymia
Principal Investigator
Carmen de Manuel Vicente
Co-Principal Investigator
Antonio Trujillo Vera
Team members
  • Principal Investigators:
    • Carmen de Manuel Vicente (PI).
    • Antonio Trujillo Vera (Co-PI).
  • Investigators:
    • Carmen Angosto Pastrana.
    • Mercedes Cano Valero.
    • Francisco Flores Ortíz.
    • Carmen Garzón Ibáñez.
    • Carmen Granados Sánchez.
    • Cristina Moreno Corona.
    • Manuela Rondan Fernández.
    • Carmen Romero Diez.
    • Gema Rivas Palacios.
    • Mª de la Vega Trujillo López.
  • Researchers in training:
    • Julia García Olivera.
    • Ana Isabel García Peña.
    • Carlota Rodríguez.
    • Sergio Urrea Gayarre.
    • Sandra Pérez Jiménez.