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R&D&i Policy

Innovation plays an essential and differential role in INiBICA, which has been highlighted since the constitution of the Institute, as its name suggests: the Biomedical Research and INNOVATION Institute of Cadiz. For INiBICA, innovation consists of the development or introduction of new products, services or organisational processes, which allows guaranteeing the effective application of research results in a way that translates into a real benefit for the health of citizens. Our R&D&i policy is built on the strategic pillars of collaborative innovation with industry and the incorporation of new technologies, which are the cornerstone of an innovative Institute with a clearly-defined focus on the internationalisation of its activity.

INiBICA works in collaboration with the provincial innovation hubs belonging to the Andalusian Biomedical Institutes, which are coordinated by the Technology Transfer Office of the Andalusian Public Health System, in order to offer a more comprehensive range of services both to the industry and our researchers.


INiBICA's strategy regarding innovation considers different actions throughout the process, from the identification of the idea or result to its implementation or transfer to the healthcare system.

The Biomedical Research and Innovation Institute of Cadiz (INiBICA) has a community consisting of 85 basic and clinical research groups in the healthcare sector. Our more than 800 professionals are specialised in different health-related disciplines, such as clinical trials, pre-clinical development, personalised medicine, advanced therapies, information and communication technologies, development and validation of medical devices and carrying out of pharmacoeconomic studies in the healthcare setting. However, the activity of sport-related and psychology-related groups is also particularly relevant, as well as INiBICA's differential programme "Public Health and Epidemiology".

Collaboration with industry is a major pillar in INiBICA's medium-term strategy. Moreover, research results will be used to generate technology-based companies, which will allow to promote and boost the business fabric of the province of Cadiz with a special commitment to the retention of talent, which creates a unique scenario for the stability of our students and researchers.

Head of department
Giacomo Di Benedetto

Academic qualifications:

Degree in Engineering, PhD in Biomedical Engineering. Contribution, responsibilities and experience: high experience in the biomedical and technical innovation for INiBICA's international projects.

Partner of two Italian start-ups in the biomedical field, ( [development of digital platforms for therapy, diagnosis and prognosis] and [development of bioreactors for cell culture]).

More than 20 years of biomedical experience in private medical device development companies (Sorin Biomédica Cardio in Italy for the development of cardiovascular stents; Dideco Spa in Italy for the development of extracorporeal circulation systems; and Solianis Monitoring AG in Switzerland for the development of non-invasive diabetes sensors) at different universities and public research centres (Politecnico di Milano, Politecnico di Torino, Istituto Superiore di Sanita' in Rome, ETH and University Hospital in Zurich, Scuola Superiore di Studi e Perfezionamento Sant'Anna in Pisa, Ecole Central de Lyon in France).

His position as an innovation technician, his network of international contacts and his experience in private companies/universities/public research centres is extremely useful when managing knowledge transfer processes.

Date of hire: October 2019

Contact details:

Office address:

Hospital Universitario Puerta del Mar Planta novena Avda. Ana de Viya, 21 11009 Cádiz (Spain)

Phone: 652305 /636174993