Andalusian Public Health System Virtual Library

The Institute for Biomedical Research and Innovation of Cádiz is created following the Collaboration Agreement signed on December 2, 2016 between the Ministries of Health and Economy and Knowledge of the Andalusian Regional Government, the Andalusian Health Service, the University of Cádiz and the Foundation for the Management of Biomedical Research of Cádiz. Although it does not begin to operate in its current structure until mid-2018, when the institute incorporates a Scientific Directorate and Management.

INiBICA is the health research institute of the province of Cádiz, whose mission is to generate knowledge through research and innovation to improve patient care and provide solutions to the main health problems of the population. To this end, the institute integrates human resources from the University of Cádiz and the health centers of the Andalusian Public Health System (SSPA) at the primary and hospital care level, with the aim of conceptualizing and developing high quality Projects and offering new therapies and diagnostics to patients in the province of Cádiz through the implementation of clinical trials and studies.

The institute has specialized infrastructure and equipment for the development of its activity and is strongly committed to collaboration with public and private entities at national and international level. In terms of clinical research, the institute has two clinical trial units, located at Hospital Universitario Puerta del Mar at Cádiz and at the University Hospital at Jerez de la Frontera.

The development and consolidation of INiBICA in the medium and long term aims to modify the productive model of the province of Cádiz through the training of human resources and the creation of new health-related companies, as well as the interaction and diversification of the activity of existing companies.


INiBICA's vision is to be a reference center in the field of biomedical research that generates knowledge and opinion in the different interdisciplinary fields included in the Institute to help improve human health in all its facets.


The Institute is strongly committed to developing "high quality, global, multidisciplinary and integrated biomedical Lines of research , with collaboration between researchers and basic and clinical teams, close to the healthcare and clinical reality, oriented towards problem solving".


The Institute's mission is to design, develop and transfer to society the appropriate technical and conceptual tools to solve the main biomedical problems demanded by society in general.

R&D&I Policy

The Institute constitutes a specialized offer of scientific-technological services, which offers solutions to the health needs of society, with the vocation of extending its service to the national and international community, and which allows, from the development of its activity, to modify the productive model of the province of Cádiz through the creation of companies related to biomedicine or by attracting existing companies.


1. Incentivize quality research (R&D&I) .

Generate synergies and integrated analyses in the different areas of INiBICA - preclinical, clinical and epidemiological - with special consideration to the health problems of the province of Cádiz and to the marine products generated in its area and related to health.

3. Attract talent that favors the achievement of the objectives set and contributes to its internationalization.

4. To project INiBICA's capabilities and usefulness through specialized training activities.

5. Attract or create companies related to biomedical research that can contribute to the change of the productive model of the province of Cádiz.

6. To advise public administrations and companies that request it in those problems that are objectives of the different Lines of research of INiBICA, having as central Axis the improvement of public and individual health as well as the conservation and quality of ecosystems.