The SCIB of the University of Cádiz have a Radioactive Facility for research whose authorization was granted by the Ministry of Economy on January 20, 2003 and authorized by the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN), which is inspected by said organism.

The facility has a permit for the use of radioisotopes (IRA 1120) so the use of one or the other depends on the line of research that can be started. In all cases, they must follow the safety and radiological protection regulations currently in force and under the supervision of some of the Facility Supervisors with the corresponding license.

  • Surface radiation counter.
  • Microplate counter β.PerkinElmer.
  • 2470 automatic gamma counter. PerkinElmer.
  • FilterMate Harvester.
  • Safety campaign for volatile isotopes.
  • Storage area and temporary decay of waste.
  • Non-refrigerated benchtop centrifuge IEC Centra-EC4.
  • Small Julabo 6 bath.
  • Vortex Thermolyne MaxiMix II.
  • Heidolph RzR-2000 overhead stirrer.
  • Virtis Tempest Virtishear high speed homogenizer overhead agitated mixer.
  • KM Ultrasonic Cleaner Bath.

Carrying out any experimental work that involves the use of radioactive isotopes.