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IN12: Biochemistry of Phosphate in the pathophysiology of blood
Principal Investigator
Lines of research
  • Study of phosphate polymers (polyphosphates) and their molecular interactions in human blood: Polyphosphates are naturally occurring molecules that have been described as potent procoagulants, prothrombotics, and proinflammatory agents. The levels and distribution of these molecules in the blood are mostly unknown and particularly in patients with various pathologies. Our group approaches this research using its own method developed and patented in 2013.
  • Study of phosphate polymers (polyphosphates) and their molecular interactions in platelets and in human blood cells: Due to the diverse biological activities recently described for polyphosphates it is significant to determine their presence and metabolism in different blood cells. It is also significant to know the interactions of polyphosphates with blood plasma proteins. Lastly, we try to relate the levels and cellular functions of polyphosphates in both frequent pathologies and rare diseases.
  • Study of phosphate polymers (polyphosphates) and in marine individuals (to start this year): Polyphosphates are recognized as essential in various marine species such as algae, echinoderms and plankton, among others. Marine sources rich in polyphosphates will be sought for their possible use as procoagulants. Likewise, the presence of marine sources rich in competing polyphosphate molecules will be sought for their possible use as an antithrombotic.
Hematology Hemotherapy Oncological hematology Blood Clinical analysis
Principal Investigator
Félix A. Ruíz
Professor at the University of Cádiz.
Team members
  • Principal Investigators:
    • Félix A. Ruíz (PI).
  • Predoctoral Researchers:
    • Isabel Atienza (Predoc. Program in Biomolecules of the University of Cádiz. Graduated in Biology and Master in Clinical Analysis. Youth Guarantee Technician until July 2019).
  • Assistance Researchers:
    • Antonio Paz Coll (Researcher with assistance activity. Director of the HUPR Hematology and Hemotherapy Unit since 2012).
    • Raquel Garrido Ruiz (Researcher with assistance activity. HUPR Hematology and Hemotherapy Specialist since 2011).
    • Mª Mercedes Calero (Researcher with assistance activity. Acting Physician at the HUPM Clinical Analysis Service).
    • Olga María Díz (Researcher with assistance activity. Graduated in Pharmacy. Resident of the Clinical Analysis Service of the HUPM).
    • Manuel Samper (Researcher with assistance activity. HUPM Clinical Biochemistry Specialist).
2021 Publications
  1. Authors: Ebrahimi M, Habernig L, Broeskamp F, Aufschnaiter A, Diessl J, Atienza I, Matz S, Ruiz FA, Büttner S. Title: Phosphate Restriction Promotes Longevity via Activation of Autophagy and the Multivesicular Body Pathway. Journal: Cells. 2021 Nov 13;10(11):3161. Impact factor 6,600 (JCR 2020). Quartile: Q2 (CELL BIOLOGY).
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  3. Title: Effects of classical PKC activation on hippocampal neurogenesis and cognitive performance: mechanism of action. Authors: Domínguez-García S, Gómez-Oliva R, Geribaldi-Doldán N, Hierro-Bujalance C, Sendra M, Ruiz FA, Carrascal L, Macías-Sánchez AJ, Verástegui C, Hernández-Galán R, García-Alloza M, Nunez-Abades P, Castro C. Journal: Neuropsychopharmacology. 2021 May;46(6):1207-1219. Impact factor 7,855 (JCR 2020). Quartile: Q1 Decile: D1 (PHARMACOLOGY & PHARMACY). RESEARCH GROUPS THAT PARTICIPATE: CO4 Neurodegeneración y Neurorreparación.
2018 Publications
  1. Authors (by order of signature): Azevedo C, Singh J, Steck N, Hofer A, Ruiz FA, Singh T, Jessen H, Saiardi A. Title: Screening a protein array with synthetic biotinylated inorganic polyphosphate to define the human polyP-ome. REF. Journal/Book: ACS Chemical Biology 2018 Key: A PUBLICATION DATE: 2018. MOST RELEVANT ASPECTS: Impact index: 4,995 (JCR 2016). Place in the category: 1st quartile – 50/290 (BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, JCR 2016).
2016 Publications
  1. Authors (by order of signature): Santi MJ, Montilla M, Carrozas MA, Ruiz FA* (*Autor de correspondencia / *Corresponding author). Title: Novel assay for prothrombotic polyphosphates in plasma reveals their correlation with obesity. REF. Journal/Book: Thromb Res. 2016 Aug;144:53-5 Key: A. PUBLICATION DATE: 2016. MOST RELEVANT ASPECTS: Impact index: 2.65 (JCR 2016). Place in the category: 2nd quartile – 34/70 (Hematology, JCR 2016).
2014 Publications
  1. Authors (by order of signature): Montilla M, Santi MJ, Carrozas MA, Ruiz FA. Title: Biomarkers of the prothrombotic state in abdominal obesity. REF. Journal/Book: Nutr Hosp. 31(3):1059-66. Key: A PUBLICATION DATE: 2014. MOST RELEVANT ASPECTS: Impact index: 1.497 (JCR 2015). Place in the category: 3rd quartile – 60/80 (NUTRITION & DIETETICS, JCR 2015).