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IN4: Research, Care and Health Outcomes iCURES

Research Group made up mainly of healthcare nurses who have spent several years investigating the improvement of health outcomes and the nursing product in relation to healthcare activity, mainly through the use of the best available scientific evidence and 2.0 tools, in fields such as chronic wounds and ulcers, nursing records, nursing methodology or health management.

Principal Investigator
Lines of research
  • Care models for people with Chronic Diseases and/or in a situation of Dependency.
  • Chronic Wounds and Dependency Associated Injuries.
  • Visibility of Care and the Nursing Product.
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency of Health Care and Measurement of Health Outcomes.
  • Instruments and methodology for Evidence-Based Health Care through the design, implementation or review of Clinical Practice Guidelines.
  • Use of new technologies and social networks in health.
  • End of Life Care.
Nursing Care Nursing 2.0 Health Results
Principal Investigator
Andoni Carrión Jiménez
Hospital / Primary Care, University.
Team members
  • Principal Investigators:
    • Andoni Carrión Jiménez (PI).
  • Investigators:
    • Carlos Núñez Ortiz.
    • Rosa Ma Rodríguez Cardoso.
    • Inmaculada Fernández López.
    • Inmaculada Sánchez Garrido.
    • Mercedes Serrano Álvarez.
    • Rosa Ma Figueroa Chacón.
    • Ildefonso Delgado Delgado.
    • Diego Utrera López.
    • Myriam Gallego Galisteo.