On June 1, 2021, the INiBICA Governing Council approved the Strategic Plan for the five-year period 2021-2025; having previously incorporated the recommendations and modifications suggested by the advisory bodies of the Institute (External Scientific Committee, Scientific Council and Internal Scientific Committee). For the preparation of this first Strategic Plan, the following methodology has been used:

  • Internal and external analysis: a detailed study of the organization (resources, activities, collaborations and scientific productivity) has been carried out, as well as an external analysis of the contextual variables, identifying trends in its field of action that may have an impact on its future activity.
  • Diagnosis: a SWOT matrix has been prepared with the support of different commissions and working groups made up of researchers of all categories and management personnel, to determine the strategic axes and fundamental objectives of the Institute.
  • Strategy 2021-2025: the mission, vision and values ​​of the Institute are proposed, defining a strategy for the five-year period 2021-2025 articulated around 6 axes and strategic objectives, which are reflected in different action plans.
  • Monitoring mechanisms: a Balanced Scorecard has been configured with indicators for monitoring the Strategic Plan and the Action Plans, evaluating the degree of compliance with the planned objectives and detecting possible deviations, for which the corrective measures will be developed. they deem appropriate.

The Strategic Plan is configured in 6 axes and strategic objectives, within which the different Action Plans of the Institute are included. The mission, vision and values ​​of the Strategic Plan have been made known to the Internal Scientific Committee and External Scientific Committee.

Strategic Axes and Action Plans
Axis 1. Institutional integration and management organization

INiBICA is a young institute, with no real activity until the second half of 2018, and requires actions to consolidate itself at a scientific and management level to maximize its social impact and meet the criteria of excellence required for its accreditation by the ISCIII, as a milestone positioning at the national and international level.

  • Clinical Research Plan 2021-2025.
  • Integration Plan.
  • Scientific-Cooperative Plan.
  • Human Resources Plan (Incorporation of new members to the Institute, Evaluation of the research activity).
Axis 2. Management of resources and infrastructures and sustainability

INiBICA encourages fundraising through R&I dissemination strategies and alliances with external agents, in order to attract competitive and private funds that contribute to the Institute’s sustainability.

Axis 3. Talent attraction and retention

INiBICA is committed to attracting and retaining qualified professionals, this being also a key requirement for its accreditation by the ISCIII. OTM-R/HRS4R policies, actions for professional development and generational change will be implemented.

  • Human Resources Plan (Attraction and Retention of Talent, Guardianship of Support for Emerging).
  • Training Plan.
Axis 4. Quality

INiBICA seeks scientific competitiveness and excellence in research, which allows it to develop and position itself as a translational Institute.

Axis 5. Visibility. Alliances and Internalization

The fundamental objective of INiBICA is to be recognized as an agent of change in the province of Cádiz at the level of local professionals, other institutions (regional, national and international) and, of course, by society. Measures will be taken to promote the visibility of the Institute and improve active communication between professionals and patients.

  • Communication Plan (RSC, Scientific Dissemination).
  • Internationalization Plan.
Axis 6. Innovation and transfer

INiBICA’s priority is to make the results of its research and innovations in health available to patients. To do this, we want to establish an innovative culture within the Institute, aimed at solving health problems and improving patient care.

Although this page offers a summary of it, the complete approved document can be found at the following link: Plan Estratégico INiBICA 2021-2025.