Support for submission of proposals

Support for submission of proposals

In order to offer a more individualised and personalised service, each Group/Clinical Management Unit has a dedicated project manager assigned to them who will be in charge of channelling all requests raised by the Group. If you do not know your project manager, you can request information at /

For projects in international calls, you can contact:

The project managers are located on the 9th floor of Hospital Puerta del Mar (Cadiz Research Unit); however, they travel to all the centres within the INiBICA area or the province of Cadiz.

Out project managers meet with the Groups in order to learn more about the CONCEPT, as well as to identify how to obtain funding for each particular project. Then, work begins to be carried out jointly in multiple aspects.

INiBICA's support services:
  • Comprehensive advice (scientific, methodological, statistical & epidemiological).
  • Dissemination and management of funding calls.
  • Identification of calls for funding.
  • Comprehensive management of grants and subsidies.
  • European projects.

Methodological & statistical advice

This unit offers support to researchers in order to develop more methodologically competitive projects, as well as to rigorously analyse research results and to offer specialised biomathematical support to groups that require it. For more information, see this link.

Regional/national/international grants and subsidies

In order to increase the financial resources available, the newsletter published by Fundación Progreso y Salud (FPS) is assessed, customised and sent to those groups that may be eligible for funding.

If any researcher wants to receive this weekly newsletter, he/she can register via his/her project manager or by sending an email to:, including his/her name, ID document (i.e., DNI), Clinical Management Unit and email address where he/she wants to receive the weekly newsletter.

These newsletters and other sources of information are used to identify possible ways of funding for projects, as well as to contact researchers in order to prepare the application proposal.

Documentation and signature

Upon notification of intention to apply, the project manager will specify all the documentation that needs to be sent and the deadlines to be met. Moreover, the project manager will be open to researchers to solve any questions that may arise regarding the call and the application filling by telematic means.

Telematic submission and registering of applications

FCADIZ recommends signing up in the telematic platforms as soon as the decision to apply is made. Telematic tools often give rise to collapse issues or inability to access on dates close to the closing date. It is therefore recommended that the researcher reviews the tool and the fields to be filled in before uploading documents.

It is important to check that the researcher's PC meets the technical requirements of each telematic tool (Java Virtual Machine, updated Internet browsers, expired and/or revoked electronic signatures)./p>

FCADIZ will advise on the doubts that may arise regarding the use of the tools, as long as the doubts are transmitted well in advance.

If the registration or application requires a paper document, FCADIZ will take care of sending it signed in due time and proper form.


The researcher will be notified of the request for corrections to the applications that are deemed necessary by the funding bodies, as well as the steps to be taken for their subsequent submission in due time.

Grant management

The project manager will inform the researcher about the resolution of the grants he/she has applied for. If he/she becomes recipient of the grant, FCADIZ will inform him/her about the budgets, items, deadlines for execution and deadlines for submission of the corresponding justification reports.

In the case there are modifications in the course of the project, the project manager will deal with any change in the budget (expenditure items, annual budget, etc.) or modification in the project, so that it can be requested to the financing entities with sufficient notice. The researcher must be aware that requests for expenditure items or modifications are not always accepted and they often take at least one month from the date of request. Therefore, the more in advance these aspects are covered, the better project management outcomes can be achieved.

Economic management

The principal investigator is in charge of placing the purchase orders and needs to send a purchase request with the budget, so that the Project Manager can verify it and send it to the finance department for payment. The investigator must state in the purchase orders the name of the researcher, and comply with the indications to be taken into account as per the requirements of the corresponding financing entity.

Scientific and economic justification

According to the law on grants, it is the responsibility of the principal investigator to provide scientific and economic justification in a timely manner. FCADIZ, by means its project manager, will notify the investigator at least one month prior to the date of submission of the documentation justifying the economical aid requested. The investigator must provide with scientific justification at least one week before the date of submission so that the legal representative can validate it and sign it. FCADIZ will be responsible for coordinating the audits that the project may require (in charge of the project in case it is fundable).