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    You have entered the INiBICA Information Channel.

    The Reporting Channel is a tool to identify irregular conduct in the organization, as well as to identify areas for improvement in its internal management. The process can be carried out anonymously or by name, and is open to all the foundation's stakeholders: employees, volunteers, donors, beneficiaries, suppliers and users.

    A complaint is considered a manifestation of the illegal, irregular or inconvenient state of any action carried out by our entity.


    The following is the procedure followed by the INFORMATION CHANNEL:

    1. AccessThe Biomedical Foundation of Cádiz enables a form, visible on the website, for the reception of complaints. The result of this form, sent to E-mail of the information channel, is accessible only to the person or persons designated by the governing body for the management of complaints, who undertake to treat the information received confidentially.

    2. Information managementA record is made of the complaints received, showing the code assigned to the complaint, the date of receipt, the information contained and the date of response, as well as any subsequent follow-up.

    3. Analysis and resolution:

    1. The person or persons designated by the governing body to handle complaints receive e-mails and send requests for information or other questions that are not complaints to the administration department of Fundación Biomédica at Cádiz.

    2. In the case of complaints:

    The person or persons designated by the governing body are responsible for carrying out the investigation of the complaint received, for which purpose they may interview as many people as they consider relevant to make an objective decision.

    ● The investigation process shall always include a private interview with the person allegedly responsible for the conduct complained of.

    Once the investigation has been carried out, a brief report on the conclusions is made. This report is brought to the attention of the governing body, the General Management of the Biomedical Foundation at Cádiz and the person who made the complaint in the event that the complaint was not anonymous.

    After such a report is made, appropriate disciplinary action or sanctions may be imposed. In cases constituting criminal offenses, it is brought to the attention of the authorities.

    ● All requests are processed as quickly as possible, with a maximum period of 30 days to respond to them. If for any reason a response cannot be sent within this period, the interested party is informed that the request is in progress and is offered a new deadline.


    Complainant's data:

    If you choose to remain anonymous, do not fill in this section; however, if you would like the company to contact you so that you can provide More information about the reported matter, you can fill in the "E-mail" and "contact telephone" boxes.

    Data of the denounced:

    Fill in this box only if you know the possible perpetrator of the reported facts. In case there is more than one perpetrator and you know him/her, please indicate the data in the same box.

    Complaint information:

    Allowed file type: PDF. || Maximum file size: 5MB.

    WARNING: when you submit the form, an affirmation message will appear at the bottom of the page.

    More information about our protocols:

    Protocol for harassment and other conflicts or situations of workplace violence. Complaint, acknowledgement and suggestion protocol (QRS) IT Information Channel