Andalusian Public Health System Virtual Library

INiBICA is a member center of:

ITEMS - Platform for the revitalization and innovation of the industrial capacities of the SNS.

Innovation is part of the essence of INiBICA and is a differential pillar of the Institute. Our R&D&I policy is built on the strategic pillars of public-private collaboration and the incorporation of new technologies, as the foundations of an innovative Institute with a clear vocation towards the internationalization of its activity.

INiBICA works in collaboration with the provincial innovation nodes of the Andalusian Health Research Institutes, coordinated by the Technology and Knowledge Transfer Office (OTT) of the SSPA, to offer a better service to both industry and our researchers.


INiBICA's innovation strategy contemplates different actions from the detection of the idea or result to its implementation or transfer to the clinic or the productive sector.

INiBICA has a community of more than 80 university and clinical research groups in the health sector. Our professionals are specialized in different disciplines, such as clinical trials, personalized medicine, advanced therapies, information and communication technologies, medical devices and pharmaco-economic studies in the health area; being of special relevance the activity of the groups related to Psychology and Sport, reflected in the differential program "P4 - Public Health and Epidemiology".

Collaboration with industry is a relevant pillar in the medium and long term strategy that we promote from the Institute. At the same time, we try to promote the generation of technology-based companies based on research results, to boost and energize the business fabric of the province of Cádiz with a special emphasis on talent retention, drawing a scenario of stability for our students and researchers.