Andalusian Public Health System Virtual Library

The Central Animal Experimentation and Production Service (SEPA ) is located on the fourth floor of the "Andrés Segovia" building.

Access is controlled by electronic card reader, and our facilities are made up of four different areas:

  • Animal facilities:
    • Production and quarantine area (cream).
    • Experimental area (pink).
  • Non-animal facilities:
    • Cleaning, machinery and storage area (green).
    • Administrative area, toilets and distribution (blue).

Access to the animal areas is strictly restricted to people working in the Service and to those accredited to carry out their research work in our facilities.

In these facilities we breed and/or keep the animals necessary for the research groups, which work mainly in the biomedical area, and we send the animals requested to other animal centers for research and other scientific purposes.

- Director of SEPA:

  • Carlos Costela Villodres.
  • Dr. in Medicine and Surgery. Degree in Biological Sciences (specializing in zoology).
  • University Expert in Animal Experimentation and Production.

- Technicians SEPA: